Hello, I'm Tanya Ventress a current student from Cleveland College of Art and Design in Hartlepool (originally from York). I'm studying BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design and I'm currently in the Madness of third year. I have ambitions of a teaching career but at the moment I'm hoping to persue my career of Surface Design.

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Long time, no see

So it’s been a while, my work has been going well but my camera memory card has climbed out of my camera and gone on a voyage, and my phone is running out of battery (why is it that these things happen all at once) so instead you're going to have to rely on my vivid description of life as I know it!

So I'm excited about doing my final length next Wednesday and will be glad when it’s over. I've been toddling along doing bits of printing final samples for this design, working on my professional studies (will I ever see the end of the great pile that is Prof Studies) and am trying to figure out my next steps. One fantastic thing is that I have been told I can go back to my old Guide unit when I get back to York. I kind of wish that my old school existed when it comes to asking for work experience though, as I feel I will be very lost (which is probably a good thing in terms of experience but we all like our little familiar comforts).

Today a man Mr Ian Lamming came in to tell us all about press packs, he seemed nice but seemed taken aback when I didn't want to travel all over the world like a fashionista. It doesn't really appeal to me jet setting constantly; however I can’t wait to get going off to work experiences!!

Anyway I am really hoping to get a work placement somewhere, and that I don't mind travelling for, so fingers crossed.

Other than that I'm thinking my press release is going to be pretty boring unless I get doing so onwards I go!

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Print Development and Final Designs

So I've been working dead hard this week- starting on Monday by printing my final samples for my first design...

My creative desk! Well at least its messy with work not food!

Final Design One- I love the colours in these designs- especially the foiling- it went exactly to plan- which was a happy surprise.

Final Design Two- With fluffy horses- I do love it- but I think my other two samples are stronger.

So onward with the next set of work and into the print rooms. 

I have been coming up with fabric developments for design two to be posted when I find time.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Update of painted out designs too!!

So this is the original painted design that my length design came from- Its funny how much my ideas change! I just can't wait to be on with the next design- though I best do my other finals for this one first!

Creating a three meter length- not so easy as it sounds!

So this was how it all started- foolishly (possibly) decided in my brief to do three lengths, wallpaper and fabric for bespoke interiors...

Developing samples took 4 days
The cut through took 1 day
My coda trace took 2 days
My Developing screens took half a day 
The print took half a day
So all in all this print (minus the actual design and drawing of it (which undoubtedly took as much time again)) took me...
82 Hours!

And I'm betting it takes B & Q 10 seconds- but I'm proud of what I've done...
 and when I've stopped aching I'm sure it will have been worth it!

So part way through printing- each colour was Repeated in 8 prints
Finished results!!

I'm glad I've done it and I will do 3 lengths- but I've got to say, it's a learning curve. Hopefully I will know much more next time so I can speed it up a little!!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Professional Stuff

So today has been a trial of many different things I have had to be getting on with. I have finally caught up with where I think I should be for professional studies and am slowly but surely coming to realise that I'm really going to struggle finding a work experience that is affordable and that results in employment.... but aside from that I've been buzzing along with business cards and letterheads!