Hello, I'm Tanya Ventress a current student from Cleveland College of Art and Design in Hartlepool (originally from York). I'm studying BA (Hons) Textiles and Surface Design and I'm currently in the Madness of third year. I have ambitions of a teaching career but at the moment I'm hoping to persue my career of Surface Design.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Just an observation...

How pretty are fine lines on screens, looks like fretwork!

The Final Length!

So finally I've done my last length.
This print on wallpaper is 3 meters long and took about 4 hours to print, not bad in the fact I'm definitely getting quicker! I'm really glad with the result and can't wait till the degree show when I can display it and do it some justice!

Views down the table- part-way printed. 
Views of my final print fully completed

My screen part way through printing the last layer.

Thank you to Heather for helping me move those ginormous screens about.